"Business Trip" Rate

Terms of promotion:
- booking a room from the official website of the hotel or by phone. +7 (351) 792-98-76, 742-52-05 (call the hotel staff password "Triumph»)
- accommodation in any of the rooms of the II-th category of the hotel "planet»
- duration of stay and a one-time payment of 4 days or more
Price includes:
- residence
- lunch or dinner (a La carte business lunch)
- parking
- WiFi
- visit to the gym (1 time/day)
- Laundry service (1 wash/week)
Restrictions on the shares:
- the number of rooms on the action is limited; the availability of the desired number must be specified in advance
- the rate is not valid for two or more people in the same room
- the cost of food is not excluded from the tariff and is not transferred to other days
- in case of early departure of the guest is recalculated taking into account the cost of all additional services
- fare conditions do not apply when booking through other sites and intermediaries
- additional discounts and promotions do not apply to this special offer

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