"Krugosvet" is an inexpensive restaurant in Chelyabinsk.

The Planeta hotel is pleased to invite its guests and residents of Chelyabinsk to the Krugosvet restaurant, located on the first floor of our complex. Inexpensive restaurant "Krugosvet" is designed for 60 seats and consists of two halls: large for 36 and small for 24 people.
Book a table in the restaurant - 8-922-729-05-11 or (351) 792-98-76
The interior of the halls is made in soft warm colors. The walls are decorated with original works of art, as well as images of different countries and cities of the world, which reflects the concept of the restaurant. You can choose from classic Russian and European cuisine, as the basis of a democratic everyday menu, as well as national dishes from different countries. Not every restaurant in Chelyabinsk is ready to offer this menu option.
The concept of the institution involves a mixed option: in the morning guests are offered continental breakfasts (several complexes to choose from), lunch is served business Lunches, and in the evening the restaurant is open in classic mode. It is possible to order in the room.
Inexpensive restaurant "Krugosvet" suggests the possibility of banquets, receptions and various events: from servicing seminars and conferences to any special events.
The average check in "Krugosvet" is 700-900 rubles, which distinguishes it from similar restaurants in Chelyabinsk.
You can pre-book restaurant reservations by phone 8-922-729-05-11, restaurant "Krugosvet" works from 7-00 to 22-00.
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