Aqua-zone of the Planeta hotel. Sauna in Chelyabinsk.

In a good hotel should always be able not only to stay and spend the night, but also to fully relax and unwind. The hotel "planet" for this purpose opened its own Aqua zone, in which any guest can have a great time, trusting themselves to the water and heat.
Aqua zone consists of two steam rooms: Turkish and Finnish, for those who like "wet" and "dry" baths.  In addition, you will have a great swimming pool with a depth of one and a half meters and a length of 10 meters, where you can cool down after a hot sauna.
Aqua zone works around the clock and visit it can not only guests of the "Planet", but also residents of Chelyabinsk. But for guests staying in the categories of rooms "Standard" and "Business standard", there is one hour of sauna as a gift from the hotel for the entire stay (provided that the Aqua zone is free of reservation).
The internal space of the Aqua zone allows you to comfortably accommodate up to 10 people, the cost of one hour is 1500 rubles.

So, the Aqua zone of the Planeta hotel is:

- Turkish steam room; 
- Finnish sauna;
- swimming pool 1.5 meters deep and 10 meters long
- comfortable lounge area;
- work schedule 24/7;
- free hour of visit for guests of "Standard" and "Business standard".








* Photographer Natalia Gorbunova

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